Interested in Starting Your Own Clothing Line?

Interested in Starting Your Own Clothing Line?

In 2018, retail e-commerce revenues from apparel and accessories sales amounted to over 100 billion U.S. dollars and are projected to increase over 140 billion U.S. dollars in 2023. This can be you and I believe it, 100%. 

To start your own clothing line, I highly recommend you first develop your brand. Brainstorm how you want your brand to be represented and also, how you want your brand to be perceived. Define your target audience, ask yourself: "Who will I want to wear my clothing?" 
After thinking out your brand's position, define your brand name, brand logo, brand colors, and website design. 

Decide on a legal structure. Are you leaning towards an LLC (Limited Liability Company) or a sole proprietorship? An LLC means you will get a little more protection. You can learn more about choosing a business structure here

After planning your first collection (deciding on clothing type, designs, and choosing a fashion business model), you should prepare for manufacturing. I highly recommend checking out our list of manufacturers to get started with this process. This list is only $10 and you can shop here this list here.

I highly suggest you also take the time to define your marketing strategies. How will you sell your new collection? How will you reach your target audience? 
For ideas on how you can market your business, take the time to read our e-book on how to market your business here. When starting my hair and lashes business in 2017, I was selling without a marketing plan. As a result, my sales were $0/day. I needed to take a step back and evaluate my business, ask myself, "What am I doing incorrectly?" It turns out, my planning was all wrong. I changed my branding, researched different marketing tactics and made five figures in only a couple of months. I have the marketing strategies that I used and have been verified by many other successful entrepreneurs outlined in this e-book. 



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