Are You Looking to Start a Business, but Have No Idea Where to Begin? READ THIS.

Are You Looking to Start a Business, but Have No Idea Where to Begin? READ THIS.

Starting a business can be hard, especially when it comes to compiling all the necessary information from endless resources. To make your life a little easier, here's some advice on how you can start your business. 

I always suggest researching any required permits or licensing. This can vary depending on your location, so be sure to run a quick search on your legal requirements with your location included. It is essential that you also begin deciding on a business structure, such as a sole proprietorship. The business structure you choose plays a large role in which documents you will need. 

The most common required forms are a business license, an EIN, and a sales tax number. An EIN acts as a social security number for your business and is short for "Employer Identification Number." You can obtain this from the IRS. 

After evaluating the legal aspects of your business, think about the product you are going to sell. Why are you selling this particular product? and Who are you selling this particular product to? Is your product in demand? Be sure to be as specific as possible when defining your target audience. Your target audience is more than an age range and a gender. You have to think of their likes and dislikes, what they can afford, where they live, etc. Picture your ideal customer and describe him or her. 

Note: Do not worry about whether a market is saturated or not. If you have a passion and a story to tell, let it be heard!

Branding is one of the aspects of your business that will determine your success. Take the time to think of how you want your brand to be represented. What colors are you going to use for your website and products? What story does it tell? Take the time to create a logo and a website that can still be popular with time. Choose a business name that is unique and is simple! Do not go too crazy and choose a name like "Melody Madison Marie's Savvy Cute Boutique." When you are ready, a trademark can protect the name of your business, services, and goods at a national level. This can prevent others in the same industry from using names associated with your brand. To establish your brand's online presence, you can purchase a domain name. Our domain name is You can learn more about how you can brand your business in our $15 e-book on how to start your business available here

Going back to the products, take the time to sample different vendors. We made this process 10x easier for you. Finding good quality vendors is not easy at all. This is why we took the time to create over 20 vendor list categories for your brand needs, each at very affordable prices! The vendor list is contact information for wholesale suppliers. Wholesale suppliers are the ones who sell you the product (this can be hair, lashes, cosmetics, etc.). With this contact information, you can see their products and pricing, then order in bulk or order samples to try their product and resell. You can check out the verified vendor lists we offer here.

Our Start Your Business Bundle is making a high majority of the business process much easier! This special bundle is here for a limited time only. It includes our e-book on how to start your business, how to market your business, our ultimate vendor list with over 90 verified vendors and a free checklist including legal to-do's! This bundle can be found here

 A few years ago, I worked in retail. I believed it wasn't where I was meant to be. I wanted to be my own boss. The bi-weeekly check from work was not cutting it. I was inspired by those who where able to take that leap and start their own business, making 6 figures and more. The only thing different between me and the next person was that he or she was not afraid to take that extra step. I decided to enter into the business world with only $100. I used the money to set up my site, purchase products and market my business. I created my logo and website on my own and launched my first business - selling hair and lashes. With dropshipping, I was able to flip my paycheck into five figures in only several months!

Last year, we formed our business to aid aspiring and current business owners in finding the resources they need to start their business. We offer vendor lists, e-books, and branding services to help your business grow.



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