Where to Find Boutique Supplies

Where to Find Boutique Supplies

At EV, you'll not only learn HOW to start a business, but you'll also learn WHAT you need to start a business as well. When I started my very first business, my supplies were limited to the USPS box packaging, tape, and my product, because I could not afford to pay hundreds on the packaging. There's absolutely nothing wrong with using only a small number of supplies. If you want to make the customer experience better, you can do just that by improving how you package your products.
To make my customers receive more thoughtful packaging, I utilized the number one source: AMAZON. I found stickers and polymailers to enhance the look of my packaging. I also found items, such as ring lights, that can improve the quality of my product photos on social media and more!
I have listed all my recommended business must-haves in our 
Amazon store

Some of my favorite business must-haves are: 

Business Thank you Cards & Stickers - 

Polymailers/Bubble Mailers

Shipping Scale 

Dymo Label Printer 

Tissue Paper 

Cricut Easy Press (For Homemade Shirts)

Tip: You can include your favorite candy with your orders as a surprise! 


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