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Q: If I purchase the ---- vendor list, how many items will I receive?

A: The vendor list is contact information for wholesale suppliers. Wholesale suppliers are the ones who sell you the product (this can be hair, lashes, cosmetics, etc.). With this contact information, you can see their products and pricing, then order in bulk or order samples to try their product and resell. 


Q: When will I receive my vendors list?

A: Your order is sent via email within 24 hours. Please email us at sales@entreprenhervendors if you have any questions. 

Please be sure that put the correct email at checkout. After purchase, keep an eye out in your inbox as well as your SPAM folder. 


Q: "Hello, I purchased the wrong vendor list by accident, can I get the one that I intended to order?"

A: If you purchased a vendor list AND already received the list via email, then we CANNOT exchange the order under any circumstances. It will be unfair to other customers who purchased the same list because you will be receiving additional vendors. 


EntreprenherVendors does not offer refunds seeing that our products are digital.