Join Our Small Business Directory!

In 2020, we are introducing our small business directory. Through social media, we have had the opportunity to connect with thousands of small businesses around the world and it has truly been a great privilege to see what small businesses have to offer. We would love to do something special for the small businesses that have supported us.  Each day, thousands of visitors roam our site...imagine if these visitors had the opportunity to connect with small businesses for individual or wholesale products. See the photo below for our DAILY site visitors. 

The business directory is a page on our site that EVERYONE can view. It will have the business name, products offered, location and website. If you are a small business owner who would like to be placed on our small business directory page hit the ADD TO CART button. Once you are brought to checkout on our page, be sure to enter your business name, products offered, location and website in the NOTES section or you can simply send us an email after purchase with your business information. Click here to add your business to our site for only $10!