The EV Giveaway


What is the EV Business Grant Giveaway?

It’s a grant giveaway for small business owners. They receive a grant to put towards their business, this can be allocated for website development, ordering inventory, creating a logo, etc. 

The contest is open to Black small business owners who are aspire to start their own business or currently own a business but are in need of financial assistance. 

Why do we offer the grant?

Starting a business without the funds can be difficult. As owner of EV, I speak with small business owners everyday to help them overcome their fears of failure and to encourage them to pursue their dreams. Not having enough money is a top concern. Small businesses do not always have access to resources to better themselves and their company. I want to invest in you. 

How many winners are awarded the grant? 

We aim to provide grants to two (2) winners: one (1) man and one (1) woman. The grants are awarded every year. A portion of your purchase with us goes towards making these grants possible, so I thank you. We hope to have more winners and increase the grant amount every year. 

How can I apply? 

You can apply here: